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How Many Wine Bottles are in a Case

Typically, 12 bottles.

For centuries, wine cases have been a preferred way of storing wines. These cases usually hold 12 bottles, but there are different types available. It is essential to be aware that wine bottles come in different sizes and shapes based on the type and region of wine.

Wineries typically produce wine bottles in two standard sizes: 750ml, commonly referred to as a "standard" bottle, and 375ml, known as a "half-bottle." However, some wineries also offer unique bottle sizes such as magnums (1.5L), jeroboams (3L), and methuselahs (6L) that are perfect for special events or for aging purposes.

Before buying a case of wine, it is essential to check the number of bottles included and the types of wines that come with it. This way, you can choose the wines that suit your taste and avoid running out of your favorite wines too soon.

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