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La Marca Prosecco

Cheers to the Avs! 🥂 The Colorado Avalanche officially won the Stanley Cup!

In honor of this win, we are celebrating with a glass of prosecco. This prosecco holds a special place in our heart as this is the bubbly we decided to serve at our wedding in May of this year.

We love La Marca in our household. While my spouse is a big fan of bubbly, and I myself a typical red-wine drinker, I defer expertise to her on this.

La Marca is a perfect mix of elegance and affordability. It's on the light side, very acidic, and extra fizzy. You'll catch notes of apple, pear, citrus, lemon, grapefruit, and honey.

Coming in at only $10-$15 a bottle, you'll feel a little fancy and enjoy a luxurious sparkling wine on a budget.

La Marca Prosecco


Light, Acidic, Fizzy

Apple, Citrus, Honey

Rating 7/10


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